‘Aaj Realize Hua That Starbucks Is…:’ Anupam Mittal Criticises Starbucks For THIS Reason | Companies News


New Delhi: Renowned entrepreneur and Shark Tank India judge Anupam Mittal, who is also the CEO of Shaadi.com, recently took to X (formerly Twitter) to express his critique of the popular coffee brand Starbucks. Mittal referred to Starbucks as a “very high-sugar dessert store” rather than a coffee chain.

In his tweet, Mittal shared, stating, “Aaj realize hua that Starbucks is not a coffee chain. It’s a v.high sugar dessert store with laced caffeine … lethal combo.”

Since Mittal’s tweet, a wave of reactions flooded the comment section, with users sharing their perspectives on the coffee giant. One user drew a parallel, saying, “Likewise McD is not a QSR chain, it’s a Real Estate company with stores in every corner of expensive markets in the US.”

Another commenter provided a different viewpoint, describing Starbucks as “It’s an aesthetic work and date venue which also seeks caffeine-flavored sugar drinks.”

A third user highlighted the brand’s status in India, mentioning, “Starbucks is also just a status symbol in India, unlike abroad where their prices are on par with other coffee shops. Also, I just find their coffee quite burnt in taste.”

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