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Air India has declared today that travellers flying to and from Delhi’s IGI airport in the winter season can modify or cancel their reservations without incurring extra charges in case of significant fog-related delays. The Delhi Airport encountered disruptions for over 100 flights today due to dense fog, and further interruptions are anticipated throughout the winter season. Leading airlines in the country are actively monitoring the situation to address potential challenges posed by inclement weather conditions. The initiative is an extension of last winter’s FogCare program, highlighting the airline’s dedication to ensuring passenger convenience during challenging weather conditions. 

To assist affected passengers, Air India will provide proactive support and present uncomplicated options for rescheduling or cancelling tickets without incurring extra charges.

Rajesh Dogra, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Air India, emphasized the sincerity of the FogCare initiative, stating, “It is a sincere effort to minimize inconvenience to guests whose flights are likely to get affected by fog. It will also help maintain network schedule integrity.”

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Passengers on these flights will receive regular updates through flight-specific advisories, ensuring they are well-informed about potential delays. The airline aims to enhance the overall travel experience by offering passengers easy alternatives in advance, demonstrating a proactive approach to address challenges associated with winter fog.

DIAL’s Fog Alert

Also, DIAL posted on X, sharing a fog alert, revealing that flights not compliant with CAT III are likely to get affected. The CAT III-compliant flights, however, can land even if the visibility is low. “Passengers are requested to contact the airline concerned for updated flight information. Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted,” posted DIAL on X.

Flight Diversions At IGI, Delhi

On tuesday, Delhi airport recorded 12 flights diversion during the early morning between 0600 and 1200 hrs. While 11 of these flights were diverted to Jaipur, one was diverted to land in Lucknow. Also, over 30 flights were delayed as the visibility reduced to inoperable conditions. Vistara also reported multiple flight diversions across various sectors in India.

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