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The quarter-litre segment has now evolved to a slightly larger 400 cc space, where motorcycles are delivering more fun for nearly the same amount of price. The recent addition in this space comes from two different philosophies of motorcycle manufacturing – Japan and Italy. Holding the flag for Japan is the all-new Yamaha R3, while doing the job for Italy is the Aprilia RS 457. Both of these motorcycles are recently launched in the country, thus creating confusion among buyers. Well, addressing the concern of which one is better of the two, here’s a detailed comparison of the two.

Aprilia RS 457 Vs Yamaha R3 Price Comparison

In this aspect, the Aprilia RS 457 takes a win with its slightly lesser price tag of Rs 4.10 lakh, ex-showroom. Aprilia is manufacturing the motorcycle locally to keep the cost in check. Yamaha, on the other hand, brings the R3 to India via the CBU route. Prices for the Yamaha R3 start from Rs 4.64 lakh, ex-showroom.

Aprilia RS 457 Vs Yamaha R3 Design Comparison

The Aprilia RS 457 features a design inspired by the larger motorcycle of the Italian marque’s line-up. It features a triple-cluster for headlamps, with a wide-looking face, complemented by a more pronounced stance, courtesy of bulkier fairings. The road presence of the RS 457 also is more substantial in comparison to its Japanese rival. The Yamaha R3’s design doesn’t feel fresh. The motorcycle has been on sale in global markets for the last couple of years. Sadly, Yamaha hasn’t altered the design at all, before bringing the motorcycle to our shores. Won’t be wrong to say that the Yamaha R3 lacks the youthful appeal and the big-bike-feel that the Aprilia RS 457 boasts.

Aprilia RS 457 Vs Yamaha R3 Specs Comparison

Both of these motorcycles use a twin-cylinder engine configuration. However, their displacements differ by a fair margin. The Aprilia RS 457 gets a 457 cc motor that is capable of putting out a peak power output of 47 Bhp and 43.5 Nm of max torque. The Yamaha R3’s 321cc power plant, on the other hand, is only putting out 41 Bhp and 29.5 Nm of max torque. Although, both of these motorcycles come mated to a 6-speed gearbox. With these figures at disposal, the fight between the two becomes rather clean and one-sided. 

Moreover, the Aprilia RS 457 gets adjustable suspension on both ends, while the R3 only comes with a preload-adjustable rear monoshock. As for brakes, the R3 uses a 298 mm rotor on the front and a 220 mm rotor on the rear. Braking duties on the RS 457 are performed by a 320 mm floating disc with a ByBre 4-piston radial calliper on the front end and a 220 mm disc ByBre single-piston calliper on the rear end.

Aprilia RS 457 Vs Yamaha R3 Feature Comparison

The story remains in favour of the Aprilia RS 457 in this regard as well. The R3 misses out on a modern-day coloured LCD instrument cluster and riding modes. It does come equipped with dual-channel ABS, nonetheless. Coming down to the Aprilia RS 457, it gets a 5-inch TFT LCD instrument cluster, 3 riding modes, and a traction control system.

Aprilia RS 457 Vs Yamaha R3 Comparison: Verdict

Well, if you are planning to buy any of these motorcycles, making a fix would not be a tough job. The Yamaha R3 feels overpriced considering the equipment and specs it has on offer. Of course, the Aprilia is more motorcycle than the R3, putting the price tag into consideration. It is more powerful and better equipped. Yamaha’s stronger service network, however, is the only cons we see falling in its favour as of now since we are yet to ride the Aprilia RS 457.


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