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New Delhi: If you want to start your business to make a good living at a reasonable cost, there is a business idea that you can think about. You can start this business with your little own contribution and earn lakhs of rupees annually. 

Additionally, the government is providing startup funding for this business. A complete report on this business has been prepared by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission, which suggests that it might be launched with your Own Contribution of Rs 1.70 lakh and has the potential to give you profit returns of upto Rs 15.31 lakh –in the fifth year of your business. 

Business Idea: Set Up Dalia Manufacturing Unit

Dalia is cracked or broken wheat made by grounding whole raw wheat grains. Dalia is one of the most significant sources of calories and is high in fibre. It has minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, protein, carbs, and vitamins. Dalia is a highly sought-after food item in Indian households because of its high nutritional content.  Its healthful and ready-to-eat breakfast is popular and a mainstay in many Indian homes. Given its high demand, starting a dalia-making business could be a great idea for you.

Business Idea: Dalia Making Process

Wheat must first be properly washed in order to make Dalia. After washing it under running water, it is set aside for five to six hours to soften in the water. It is sun-dried after germination. Using a flour mill, it is ground following the drying process. Dalia is a ground product made from whole wheat including bran.

Business Idea: Avail Loan Through PM Mudra Yojana For Dalia-Making

Khadi and Village Industries Commission has prepared a project on setting up a dalia manufacturing unit under the Pradhan Mantri Rozgar Yojana. According to the project report, the total expenditure on setting up the Dalia Wheat And Mix Grain manufacturing unit will be Rs 17.05 lakh. If you do not have funds to start a business, then you can take a loan through Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana. 

Business Idea: Dalia Making Project Cost

According to the project report, to start the business of dalia making, you must have your own land. If you do not have land then you can take it on rent. If you rent a building instead of spending on building it, your project cost will be reduced. Interest on capital expenditure will also reduce and your profits will increase.

Business Idea: Profit From Dalia Making Business

According to the project report, KVIC has broken the Cost of Project into the following

Means of Finance: Rs 8 lakh

Term Loan: Rs 7.52 lakh

KVIC Margin Money As – per Project Eligibility

Own Capital: Rs 1.70 lakh

Working Capital: Rs 7.82 lakh

COST OF PROJECT For Dalia Wheat And Mix Grain

Particulars Amount

Land Rented/Owned

Building & Civil Work (2000 Sq Ft): Rs 3 lakh

Plant & Machinery: Rs 4.75 lakh

Furniture & Fixtures: Rs 61,000

Pre-operative Expenses –

Working Capital Requirement: Rs 8.69 lakh

Total = Rs 17.05 lakh


MEANS OF FINANCE For Dalia Wheat And Mix Grain

Particulars Amount

Own Contribution @10%: Rs 1.70 lakh

Term Loan : Rs 7.52 lakh

Workign Capital Finance: Rs 7.82 lakh

Total = Rs 17.05 lakh

The KVIC feasible report giving a Five Year’s Projected Profitability Statement said that in the first year you can see a net profit of Rs 7.20 lakh, Rs 8.83 lakh in the second year, Rs 11.07 lakh in the third year, Rs 13.23 lakh in the fourth year and Rs 15.31 lakh in the fifth year.

(Disclaimer: This article is for sole information purpose. The earning calculator is also mostly based on assumptive figures to give an example of certain type. The article does not intend to give any financial advice of any sorts. For initiating any venture, you must do your own due diligence and market research.)


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