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New Delhi: Kalpana Saroj is an Indian entrepreneur and Chairperson of Kamani Tubes. She overcome great challenges to become one of the most sought-after entrepreneurs in the nation despite being born into poverty and experiencing abuse as a child. She now owns a $112 million empire and serves as an inspiration to aspiring female business owners everywhere. She is frequently referred to as the first “Slumdog Millionaire.” Hers was undoubtedly not an easy road to success. She has demonstrated to the world that everything is possible if you have faith in yourself.

Early Life Of Kalpana Saroj

In Vidarbha, Maharashtra, Kalpana was born into a Dalit family. Living in police quarters, her family was headed by a constable father. She was a Dalit girl who experienced a lot of discrimination. She had three sisters and two brothers. She was prohibited from taking part in any extracurricular activities offered by the school. In addition, other children’s parents would chastise them for spending time with her, playing with her, and sharing food. She enjoyed attending school and was a gifted student. Because she was a Dalit, she was often seated apart from other students by her teachers, who disapproved of her.

Her parents made the decision to marry her when she was just 12 years old. She moved to live with her husband in Mumbai. She did all of the cooking, cleaning, and laundry in a ten-person household. She was malnourished and received poor treatment from her in-laws. They mistreated Kalpana verbally and physically. Six months later, her father was shocked to see her. He chose to return home with her. Upon her return home, she was ridiculed and looked down upon by her villagemates. Staying with parents after marriage was viewed as a sin by the Dalit community.

A Second Chance At Life

Kalpana drank three bottles of rat poison because she could no longer take the cruel remarks from those around her. Thankfully, Kalpana’s aunt noticed her quickly, and she was taken to the hospital. She made it through and became conscious again. Nonetheless, Kalpana experienced strength, recharging, and empowerment following the event. She was given another chance at life by God, and He wasn’t going to waste it on self-loathing. She made the decision to return to Mumbai and reside with her uncle. She was employed in a clothing factory in Mumbai as an assistant tailor. She became an expert seamstress in a matter of months and was promoted. She then moved in with her family to a one-room flat that she had rented. Her life was just getting better and suddenly, everything changed. Her younger sister passed away since she couldn’t raise enough money for her treatment.

After her sister’s death, she decided to not settle for an ordinary job and became an entrepreneur. She went through various government schemes and applied for a loan. With the money, started a small furniture business and sold cheap versions of high-end furniture. Alongside her furniture business, she also continued tailoring. Kalpana worked for almost sixteen hours a day. She was determined to succeed, no matter what circumstances she faced.

Steps Towards Success

Before becoming the owner of Kamani Tubes, Kalpana was caught in a real estate battle. For two years, she fought the legal battle and cleared the litigation issue of the land. One day, the workers of Kamani Tubes, a metal engineering company under massive debts, approached her to take charge and settle the debts. As her first order of business, she created a core team of ten members. Gradually, their efforts paid off and Kamani Tubes was profitable again. From living in a slum to setting up an empire worth $112 Million, Kalpana’s story is truly inspirational. “Ivy League degrees and fancy MBAs are not what makes an entrepreneur. Grit, perseverance and a superhuman ability to have faith in yourself does.” – Kalpana Saroj.

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