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Confessional video by 2 daughters for their late mother goes viral, offers healing touch to many | Trending News


Sara Wollner and Katie Riggins, two sisters from Albany, New York, have captured the internet’s attention with a confessional video for their late mother, Karen, who died due to pancreatic cancer in July 2022.

The sisters, known for their infectious laughter and candid storytelling, reminisced about their unconventional and spirited mother, affectionately nicknamed “Crazy Karen.” The video, initially shared on TikTok, has garnered over 19 million views, resonating with people around the world.

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“Let’s laugh about it and keep it moving,” Wollner declared in the video, echoing their mother’s resilient spirit. The confessional touched on a range of topics, from overlooked responsibilities like filing taxes to the comical mishap of driving an uninsured car with suspended license plates.

As the sisters dissolved into laughter, Riggins shared the challenges of hosting their older sister’s baby shower solo due to Wollner’s unexpected stomach virus. The confessions continued, blending tearful laughter with genuine reflections on personal struggles and moments of vulnerability.

Watch video below;

“Our family motto was, ‘We are women, hear us roar,’” explained Riggins, emphasising the strength instilled by their mother during difficult times. The video, created in honour of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, became a cathartic and relatable outlet for those grappling with loss.

The sisters acknowledged their imperfections and promised, “Lots more to come. We’ll continue to disappoint you as time goes on.” The video’s success highlights the healing power of humour and shared experiences, turning grief into a source of connection for countless viewers worldwide.

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