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Duo set up makeshift restaurant on Mumbai local train and serve quirky dishes. Watch | Trending News


Mumbai’s local trains are known as the city’s lifeline as they transport thousands every day. A unique feat of opening a makeshift restaurant on a local train was accomplished by two content creators, who posted a video on Instagram.

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Sarthak Sachdeva and Aryan Kataria were dressed as waiters of a high-end hotel when they set up their “five-star restaurant” on a Mumbai local train. They had a table and put a white cloth over it and invited passengers to try their quirky dishes at the restaurant called “Tasty Ticket”. They have printed a menu that advertised the restaurant, and distributed it among the people on the platform.

They served weird dishes such as jalebis topped with oregano and Maggi with ketchup free of cost. However, they said they were able to build a bond with complete strangers who were sitting together to eat. They even served dessert. A customer appreciated their gesture and said whatever they made was cooked from the heart, so it tasted good.

Watch the video below:

Posted a few days ago, the video has received more than 1.2 million views.

“One day when i miss a train,” an Instagram user commented. “Do this on a Monday at 8 at Dadar station,” said a second user. “Bro offended the Western Railway, the BMC, the FSSAI and Gordon Ramsay simultaneously,” another user wrote. “Absolutely love the content both of you make,” another netizen said.

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