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Emraan Hashmi on similarities between his Tiger 3 character and John Abraham’s Jim in Pathaan: ‘Didn’t know about his journey in the film…’ | Bollywood News


Actor Emraan Hashmi’s turn as the menacing villain Aatish in Tiger 3 has been lauded by the audience and critics. However, some viewers felt that his character had a similar backstory to that of John Abraham’s character Jim in Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan. Emraan said that while the trigger for both the characters could be the same, the way Aatish was presented was different.

In an interview with Zoom, when asked about similarities with Jim from Pathaan, Emraan said, “I didn’t really know about his (Jim) journey in the film. I came to know when I saw it, but I think the way Maneesh (Sharma) has presented it and the way it was written, it might have been the same trigger.”

The actor added, “Sometimes his triggers and arcs might be similar because at the end of the day, you have only seven archetypes of film stories. The way it eventually was presented through the back story – seeing this guy from the first frame as someone who looks so innocent, and you see him progressively get darker and darker because of this ideology that takes seed in his mind. It was interesting to play out, and it’s kind of nuanced.”

Unlike the stereotypical villains of Bollywood, Aatish was not a beefed-up character. He looked like a regular guy and was less brawny than Salman’s Tiger.

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Emraan Hashmi points out that director Maneesh Sharma and producer Aditya Chopra made the character sharp instead of just giving him muscles.

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“If it was all brawn, I probably would have bailed on it, and I think Aditya Chopra and Maneesh are very smart to have kind of tailored it and made it fit into what would work for me. Again, physically, I don’t look like someone who would overpower Salman. So, if you had that, that wouldn’t work from the word go. So, they put some key things in the script. Aatish plays his game like chess to defeat his opponent,” said the actor.

Emraan also compared Aatish with James Bond villains. He said, “He psychologically breaks his opponents. That in itself is the most dangerous thing. And even if you see bond villains, the best of the best are the ones who have always played with the hero’s minds and not brawn.”

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