Excon 2023: Kohler Unveils BSV-Compliant KDI Engines For Construction Equipment Vehicles | Auto News


Excon 2023, currently being hosted in Bangalore is proving to be a rather great stage for commercial vehicles manufacturers and equipment manufacturers. Recently, we observed launches from Mahindra’s commercial vehicle and construction equipment manufacturing division. Kohler, a renowned name in powertrain manufacturing has also utilised the stage to introduce its stage V-compliant KDI engines. As the stage V emission norms were rolled for various construction equipment vehicles, it posed a major challenge in front of powertrain manufacturers. 

The KDI series of engines have been in existence for over a decade now. With the integration of the after-treatment systems, Kohler has managed to match the emissions with new norms without much change to the existing hardware of the powerplant.

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“We are thrilled to introduce our most powerful engine family, KDI, now achieving CEV Stage-V certification for Construction Equipment Vehicles along with Trem Stage-V certification for Agricultural Tractors and other Equipment,” said Vincenzo Perrone, President of Kohler Engines.

Perrone highlighted, “We have successfully navigated the challenge of aftertreatment system integration, offering a truly integrated solution in our modern and advanced engines. The KDI family stands as a testament to not only achieving compliance but also demonstrating resilience across a myriad of applications, even under the most demanding conditions. In a market where efficiency, reliability, and frugality are paramount, the KDI is the right choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of performance, fuel economy, engine longevity, and environmental responsibility.”

Perrone added, “This major milestone marks a significant expansion in our product offerings and underscores our commitment to providing Indian customers with the most advanced and environmentally friendly solutions available.”

The Bharat Stage V development embodies a philosophy focused on delivering compact engineering solutions, eliminating the need for extensive OEM machinery re-engineering. Kohler’s DPF technology minimises downtime, positively impacting fuel consumption and oil cleanliness, further enhancing engine performance and efficiency. This engine platform is designed to offer cost competitiveness and superior performance.


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