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In a recent development, the first glimpse of the Meerut Metro trainset was unveiled today,  February 16. The inaugural Meerut Metro trainset has been officially transferred to the National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) at Savli, Gujarat. Read here for more details:

Meerut Metro Trains

In a ceremony presided over by Shri Vinay Kumar Singh, Managing Director of NCRTC, the Meerut Metro trainset was unveiled with the simple click of a button. 

Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, Hon’ble Minister for Housing & Urban Affairs (MoHUA) shared his best wishes and compliments for this occasion through video. The Hon’ble Minister said, “Since 2014, the government has laid emphasis on improving the quality of services offered to urban dwellers. Establishing a robust public transportation system in metropolitan cities is a fundamental aspect of our vision for India’s urban rejuvenation. From a meagre 248 km of operational Metro lines in 2014, we have increased India’s state-of-the-art Metro network to 905 km today. RRTS & MRTS are vital components of this ongoing transformation. The tremendous progress made so far has incentivized us to achieve the target of making India the second largest Metro network in the world, even more quickly.”

Alstom, formerly known as Bombardier, secured the manufacturing contract to produce 10 three-car trainsets for the Meerut Metro, along with a bundled maintenance service for a duration of 15 years. These trainsets boast a contemporary and streamlined design, emphasizing energy efficiency and lightweight construction. Equipped with a regenerative braking system, they are designed to be compatible with Automatic Train Protection (ATP), Automatic Train Control (ATC), and Automatic Train Operations (ATO) systems. Operating at a maximum speed of 120 kmph, these Metro trains promise a seamless and efficient commuting experience for passengers.

The Meerut Metro project endeavours to offer a secure, rapid, and contemporary transportation option for the inhabitants of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. As the delivery of Meerut Metro trainsets kicks off, preparations for trial runs are set to begin shortly.

Features of the Meerut Metro Trainsets

The design of the Meerut Metro embodies a contemporary aesthetic, placing emphasis on maximizing passenger comfort, safety, and security. The air-conditioned trains are equipped with amenities such as plush seating, luggage racks, grab handles, USB device charging ports, and other modern conveniences essential for today’s commuters.

•    The Meerut Metro will comprise of three (3) Car Train sets. It will have an ergonomically designed 2×2 transverse as well as longitudinal seating arrangement. More than 700 passengers can travel in a train. 

•    State-of-the-art Modern Light Weight, Stainless steel coaches. 

•    Comfortable standing space, luggage racks, CCTV cameras, mobile charging facility, dynamic route maps, infotainment system, illumination-based auto control ambient lighting system and other amenities. 

•    Total adherence to safety by synchronizing Metro operation with Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) at all stations ensuring better crowd management.

•    Selective door opening via push buttons to reduce energy consumption, and safety measures like emergency egress devices, fire extinguishers, alarms, and talk-back systems are integrated.

•    Provision of space to carry medical stretcher in case of emergencies, space for wheelchair.

The Meerut Metro corridor extends across a distance of 23 km, encompassing 13 stations, with 18 km elevated and 5 km underground sections. Of these, 9 stations are elevated, 3 are underground, and one, the depot station, will be at grade level. The stations include Meerut South, Partapur, Rithani, Shatabdi Nagar, Brahampuri, Meerut Central, Bhaisali, Begumpul, MES Colony, Daurli, Meerut North, Modipuram, and Modipuram Depot.

Additionally, four metro stations will offer Rapid Rail Transit System (RRTS) services, facilitating seamless interchange between RRTS and Metro services. These stations are Meerut South, Shatabdi Nagar, Begumpul, and Modipuram.

Construction progress on the Meerut Metro is swift, with all stations taking shape. The underground tunnel construction has been completed, and finishing touches are underway at the underground stations. Track laying activities are currently ongoing on completed tunnels and viaducts. Approximately 12 km of the 18 km elevated section’s viaduct construction has been finished, aided by the installation of over 10 launching gantries (Tarini) to expedite construction along the remaining section.

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