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Harry Styles’ mother defends singer’s bold haircut, urges fans to show respect | Trending News


Anne Twist, the mother of pop sensation Harry Styles, took to Instagram to address the recent fan backlash surrounding her son’s bold haircut. The singer, known for his eclectic style, faced a wave of criticism after unveiling a buzz cut just before the launch of his perfume line for his brand Pleasing.

Harry Styles had previously announced a break following the conclusion of his LoveOnTour, receiving overwhelming support from fans. However, the challenges of maintaining privacy as a global pop star became evident as images and videos of the singer’s personal moments circulated on the internet.

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The buzz-cut revelation sent shockwaves through social media, with Twitter and Instagram ablaze with mixed reactions. While some fans praised Styles for his ability to pull off any look, others expressed hate and disgust towards his new hairstyle.

Amidst the social media frenzy, Twist stepped into the spotlight both as a parent and a mediator between her son and his fanbase. In an Instagram post, she implored fans to respect Harry’s personal choices and reciprocate the kindness he consistently spreads.

The post garnered an outpouring of support from fans who flooded her comments section. “It’s sad that Anne had to post this,” said one. “You tell them momma twist!!” said another.

One fan said, “BE KIND OR SHUT UP!” underscoring the call for understanding and acceptance.

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