Highland Park shooting victim shares gruesome photo of her face grazed by bullet


A young parade-goer who narrowly survived after her cheek was grazed by a bullet in the Highland Park July 4th mass shooting shared confronting images of her injuries while calling out the “ridiculous” lack of action on gun control.

“I cant f***ing believe I was in the middle of a mass shooting,” the woman, known only as Lilli, wrote on Twitter under a photo of her bloodstained face.

“I’ve felt safe at this parade for 18 years and today I got hit with a bullet and nothing will change in America, this is ridiculous.”

Six people were killed and 38 – ranging in age from eight to 85 – were injured when the suspected gunman Robert E Crimo opened fire just after 10am CDT from a rooftop near in downtown Highland Park.

Pictures posted as Lilli received treatment in hospital showed a large gash near the top of her right cheek where a bullet from the shooter’s high-powered “AR-15-like” rifle struck.

A young woman known as Lilli shared photographs of her injuries sustained in the Highland Park mass shooting


Lilli shared graphic images of her injuries after she was shot during the Highland Park 4th of July parade


“I’m still in shock. I am so sorry for everyone who lost loved ones today,” she said soon after the shooting.

Her frustration about the lack of gun safety reform drew a response from Democratic lawmaker Eric Swalwell, who pledged he would “do more” to prevent more mass shootings.

“We cannot stop working until we ban and buy-back assault weapons, require background checks, and have red flag laws. We have to change America, Lilli.”

After her tweets went viral, receiving more than 300,000 retweets, like and comments, Lilli said she hadn’t sought to gain any attention.

Lilli shared a photo of her blood-spattered jeans after the July 4th parade mass shooting


Lilli’s blouse was also drenched in blood after the shooting


Lilli speaks with a police officer in hospital after being shot in the face during the Highland Park mass shooting


“I want to thank everyone who’s interacting with and sharing my post , I didn’t post for attention to myself, I wanted to share the reality of what is happening to so many people, and help people realise that things NEED to change.

“Thank you guys for your well wishes and support.”

She also thanked her boyfriend for bringing her “flowers and stuffed animals and his comfort blanket”, even though the hospital was in lockdown.

The Independent has attempted to reach Lilli.


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