Hospital Or Terror Hideout? Israel Shares Video Of Terrorist Tunnels, Weapons In Gaza Hospitals | World News


With the Israeli forces carrying out a ground offensive in Gaza, they claimed to have found a Hamas terrorist tunnel in the Shifa Hospital complex. Sharing the video on X (formerly Twitter), the IDF said that Hamas has been using hospitals for their agenda putting civilians at risk. The IDF also said to have found another terrorist tunnel in the Rantisi Hospital. It further said that a large amount of weaponry and ammunition were found in the Al-Quds Hospital.

“Exposing another layer of Hamas’ exploitation of three of the largest hospitals in Gaza: Inside the Shifa Hospital complex, a Hamas terrorist tunnel was uncovered,” said the IDF. In another post, it stated, “Inside the Rantisi Hospital, yet another terrorist tunnel was unearthed by IDF troops.”

“The Shaldag SF unit, the 7th Brigade, and additional SF units exposed Hamas’s tunneling infrastructure inside the Shifa Hospital. They also discovered a booby-trapped vehicle that was prepared for the October 7th massacre, containing a large amount of weapons and ammunition,” Israeli Air Force posted on X.

The IDF said that inside the Al-Quds Hospital, a large amount of weaponry and ammunition were found. In the meantime, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have reported conducting airstrikes on multiple Hezbollah locations in southern Lebanon. The IDF stated that these strikes were a response to earlier attacks along the northern border, as reported by The Times of Israel.

The IDF stated that anti-tank-guided missiles were launched at several military posts along the border close to the Biranit base and the northern community of Rosh Hanikra. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries resulting from these attacks.

The IDF also said that it continues to carry out humanitarian work in the Gaza hospitals. “Over 4,000 liters of water and 1,500 ready-made meals have been provided to Shifa Hospital by the IDF. The well-being of civilians, including patients and staff, remains a priority,” said the IDF.

On the other hand, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a review meeting of the War Cabinet yesterday. Despite the war entering its second month, Israel has failed to find over 200 hostages who are still in Hamas captivity. 


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