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Washington: In a devastating turn of events, Aaditya Adlakha, a 26-year-old Indian doctoral student, met an untimely end after being shot inside a car in the state of Ohio. The incident, labelled as “sudden, tragic, and senseless” by his medical university, has left the community in shock and mourning.  

Aaditya Adlakha was in the fourth year of his doctoral journey in the molecular and developmental biology program at the University of Cincinnati Medical School. His promising academic career, described as novel and transformative, focused on unravelling the complexities of neuroimmune communication and its potential role in pain and inflammatory processes related to ulcerative colitis.

On November 9, tragedy struck when Cincinnati Police responded to a vehicle crash on the upper deck of the Western Hills Viaduct. Inside the crashed car, officers discovered Aaditya Adlakha, critically injured from gunshot wounds. The ShotSpotter, a gunfire locator service, indicated gunfire in the area around 6:20 am, highlighting the early morning violence.

Passersby, alarmed by the disturbing scene, dialled 911 to report a vehicle riddled with bullet holes and a person inside who had been shot. The victim was swiftly transported to the UC Medical Center, where he battled for two days before succumbing to his injuries. The assailant shrouded in mystery, remains at large, casting a shadow of fear and uncertainty over the community.

Who Was Aaditya Adlakha?

Aaditya Adlakha’s journey to the United States from north India for his education in medicine was a testament to his dedication and pursuit of knowledge. Having obtained his bachelor’s degree in Zoology from the University of Delhi and a master’s degree in physiology from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, his academic prowess was evident.

“He was much-loved, exceedingly kind and humorous, intelligent and sharp,” remarked Senior Vice President of Health Affairs and Dean, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Andrew Filak. The loss of a bright mind and a compassionate soul has left the University and the medical community grieving. As condolences pour in, the mystery surrounding Aaditya Adlakha’s tragic end underscores the urgent need for answers and justice.

Investigation On, No Arrests Yet

As the Cincinnati Police intensify their efforts to unravel the circumstances leading to this heinous crime, the lack of arrests adds complexity to an already perplexing case. The University, in a statement, extended its deepest condolences to Aaditya Adlakha’s family, friends, and colleagues, emphasizing the profound impact he had on those who knew him.

This chilling incident serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of fostering a community that stands united against senseless acts of violence.


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