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New Delhi: Hard work is a cornerstone of success, and today we delve into the inspiring story of Poonam Gupta to underscore this vital principle. Poonam’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of unwavering dedication and perseverance. 

Poonam performed exceptionally well in her studies from a young age securing admission to respected institutions such as Lady Irwin School, Delhi Public School, and Lady Shri Ram College. Her educational journey resulted in earning a degree in Economics with honors, followed by an MBA in International Business and Marketing. These qualifications were obtained from esteemed institutions, including Delhi University, FORE School of Management, and Maastricht School of Management.

In 2002, Gupta tied the knot and relocated to Scotland with her spouse, Puneet Gupta. Despite her qualifications and determination, she encountered multiple rejections, a common experience for immigrants globally.

She later decided to venture into entrepreneurship. Poonam initiated PG Paper Company Ltd in 2003, starting the business from her family residence in Kilmacolm, Scotland, with a modest fund of Rs 1 lakh provided by the Scottish Government.

While searching for a job, Poonam Gupta observed a common sight of accumulated waste paper in offices. This observation led to a business idea that aimed to tackle environmental issues and open up a fresh market opportunity. 

Poonam Gupta began her journey to recycle scrap paper from her family home in Kilmacolm. Her company started collecting discarded paper from companies in Europe and America. Currently, PG Paper operates in more than 60 countries including Scotland, Europe, America, and India, turning waste into top-notch paper products.

Nineteen years have passed since Gupta started her business. With initial funding of Rs 1 lakh, Poonam’s relentless effort and commitment have grown it into an Rs 800 crore firm. Besides its roots in the IT sector, the company is involved in various industries like hospitality, real estate, and medical. Based in Scotland, the company currently employs around 350 people.

Despite facing challenges in the job market after moving to Scotland, Poonam didn’t give up. Instead, she leveraged her observations and entrepreneurial spirit to establish PG Paper Company Ltd with just Rs 1 lakh in 2003. Through her relentless dedication, she transformed a small venture operating from her family residence into a substantial enterprise.

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