Katrina Kaif highlights differences between directors of Tiger franchise, says Kabir Khan is ‘forward-thinking’, Ali Abbas Zafar has ‘clear vision’ and Maneesh Sharma gets into ‘character’ | Bollywood News


Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan-starrer Tiger 3 was released in theatres on November 12. Katrina discussed how Tiger is probably the only trilogy in Indian cinema where all three films have been directed by three different filmmakers. The actor, who plays the elite former spy Zoya in the series, discussed the distinct visions of Kabir Khan, Ali Abbas Zafar, and Maneesh Sharma and provided a breakdown of each director’s contribution to the series.

Kabir Khan, who directed the first film Ek Tha Tiger, was praised by Katrina for his collaborative and amiable nature. According to Katrina, Khan had a forward-thinking view that laid the foundation for the series. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Katrina said, “He’s an incredibly collaborative director, amiable, always open to your ideas and suggestions. You always feel he’s hearing you completely. He’s not just nodding his head; he’s really listening to you. That’s one of the most wonderful things about Kabir.”

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The second film, Tiger Zinda Hai, was directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, whom Katrina described as a friend with a clear vision. She noted Zafar’s strength in handling commercial films and commended his strong understanding of the genre. She said, “I remember discussing it with him along the way as he was writing the film. He knew exactly what he wanted to deliver with the film. He is someone who is strong, knows his mind, and has a natural affinity for big commercial films.”

Talking about Maneesh, who directed Tiger 3, Katrina said, “Maneesh Sharma, I think, is someone who really gets into character. He gets into the details, wants to know the backstories, what they’re thinking, what made them the people they are today. That’s what gives this a new and fresh spin.”

When asked about her favorite Tiger film, Katrina found it challenging to pick one, viewing the series as an ongoing journey. She expressed her attachment to the entire process, making it difficult for her to single out a specific installment as her favorite. Tiger 3 has grossed more than Rs 325 crore globally.

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