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Khichdi 2 movie review: Supriya Pathak and gang return after 13 years; the question is why? | Movie-review News


The ‘Khichdi’ gang is back on the big screen after thirteen long years, and the first thing you want to ask is WHY?

Why did this ultra-loud, blindingly colour-coordinated bunch who did nothing of any consequence in the first movie, bother to circle back for a sequel? In 2010, there may still have been space for a movie spin-off of a popular TV show, especially when it went off for seasonal breaks. But to do this now, when endless re-runs have made sure that Hansa Ben (Supriya Pathak) and her cohorts are never too far off from their fans? It makes no sense.

But then, maybe director Aatish Kapadia was banking on the USP of his group which revels in pure senselessness. This time around, they are headed to a fictional place called Thukistan, which is governed by a tyrant, who, in turn, is a dead ringer for Praful (Rajeev Mehta). This evil king has two companions who go by the name of Ek Sau Bees Navratan and Gulkunda (Flora Saini). Nope, not kidding. There’s no running water in this place, so makeshift-loos-for-hire abound. Huh? Don’t ask. Women wear red masks with holes cut out for eyes. Double huh.

Kirti Kulhari is back as Punjabi kudi Parminder, whose only job is to shake a leg in a couple of song-and-dance sequences. Meanwhile Pathak refuses to give up cracking her gotcha jokes: as we know, ‘Eengliss’ is not Hansa Ben’s strong suit, so we have to sit through such rhyming dialogues as ‘off season aloo parathe’ and ‘oxygen chalu kara de’. Groan.

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A scientist who has conjured up a robot with blue eyes which can shoot bullets (told you, don’t ask) pops up. As does Pratik Gandhi in a ‘guest appearance’ as a chopper pilot, who vanishes after the first ten minutes, and refuses to return. Sensible chap. Farah Khan, in another of these walk-on parts, comes and goes.

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Festive offer

In the middle of all this, a character says: ‘Main goli maar doongi sab ko’. You want to tell her to hurry up and do the deed.

Khichdi 2 movie cast: Supriya Pathak, Anang Desai, J D Majethia, Rajeev Mehta, Kirti Kulhari, Vandana Pathak, Paresh Ganatra, Flora Saini, Pratik Gandhi, Anant Vidhaat
Khichdi 2 movie director: Aatish Kapadia
Khichdi 2 movie rating: 1 star

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