Love Island fans all say same thing about Dami and Indiyah as they share a KISS


LOVE Island fans have all said the same thing about Dami and Indiyah as they shared a kiss.

Dami revealed he had feelings for Indiyah earlier in the week, but was unable to act on it while Ikenna was in the picture.

Dami Hope and Indiyah Polack


Dami Hope and Indiyah PolackCredit: ITV
Indiyah has been getting closer to Dami


Indiyah has been getting closer to DamiCredit: ITV

Indiyah did end up calling it quits with Ikenna, and Dami swooped in and revealed to Indiyah that he would like to get to know her on a more romantic level, despite being coupled up with Amber.

Dami made his feelings clear, telling Indiyah: “I kind of want you in my bed.”

After Ikenna and Amber’s exit, Dami and Indiyah waste no time in getting close.

In last night’s episode, they kissed each other in front of the group in a game of truth or dare.

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After the game, Dami and Indiyah sat down together to have a de-brief.

The 23-year-old asked Dami: “So, did you enjoy the game?”

He replied: “Yeah, I enjoyed you kissing me. That was fun. So what do you think?”

Indiyah responded: “Yeah, it was cool. It was fun.”

The 26-year-old asked: “Was it the best kiss you’ve had?”

Laughing, Indiyah replied: “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I don’t remember the best kiss I’ve ever had. Was it the best kiss you’ve ever had?”

Dami replied: “Definitely.”

Indiyah said: “Really? You act well in front of a crowd.”

To which, Dami said: “I can act well privately.”

Then Dami finally leaned in towards Indiyah and kissed her.

Love Island viewers believe Dami and Indiyah could be this year’s winers.

Lewis tweeted: “I can’t believe we are gonna have to sit through six weeks when Indiyah and Dami have already won.”

One fan wrote: “Anyways if Dami and Indiyah don’t win Love Island I’m going to go to the island and fight someone.”

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Another said: “Dami and Indiyah to win Love Island, let’s go.”

Molly tweeted: “Dami and Indiyah better win Love Island I love them both together.”

Love Island viewers have claimed Dami and Indiyah could win Love Island


Love Island viewers have claimed Dami and Indiyah could win Love IslandCredit: ITV


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