Man orders chicken wings, gets bones and a note instead


Man got bones instead of chicken wings

Photo: Instagram/Damien Sanders


  • Damien Sanders was disappointed with the food order he received.
  • He got a note and some bones.
  • The note was written by the delivery boy who claimed to have had the food.

Food delivery services have made life too convenient. However, once in a while, we hear about bizarre food delivery stories. One man took to social media to share such an incident recently. Instead of the food he ordered, he got a sad note and some bones.

Damien Sanders placed an order for chicken wings, some fries and a drink. So when his food arrived, he was excited. However, the excitement level dropped very soon. In a clip posted on Instagram, the man is seen showing his followers the things he received in his food package. The fries packet was empty and the pack of chicken wings had only bones left in it. It was accompanied by a sad note.

The note stated, “I’m sorry I ate cho food. I’m broke and hungry. Consider it like your payin it forward I’m quitting this lame ass job in the way. Be blessed. Your Door Dash Guy.” The video was posted with a caption, “The “ORIGINAL” VIDEO. YEAH, ITS ME! Cmon Now DoorDash Nkka. Not My Chicken.”

Since posting, the clip amassed a lot of attention. It was viewed more than 2,000 times on Instagram. Users also flooded the post with comments. While some cracked jokes, others asked Sanders to forgive the delivery boy. “It’s ok, forgive him,” wrote one. Another stated, “Dude writes the way you talk. Either fake or you can’t blame him for being your alter ego lol.”

Would you be okay with another person having your food and leaving you starving?