Moving Car Catches Fire Near Sector-70, Noida- No Casualties Reported | Auto News


In a startling incident on Tuesday afternoon, a Toyota Innova car suddenly caught fire just outside a residential society in Noida Sector 70, sparking immediate concern among locals and passers-by. The vehicle, owned by a retired school teacher, became engulfed in flames shortly after it halted unexpectedly. The owner, who had just exited the vehicle to inspect the problem, narrowly escaped the life-threatening blaze.

The incident occurred on April 2, 2024, turning a routine drive into a harrowing ordeal for the car owner. According to the teacher, the car had been serviced just a few days prior, on March 29, 2024, at an authorized Toyota service center- Espirit Toyota, sector 8, Noida, raising questions about the vehicle’s safety checks and service quality.

Eyewitnesses reported the swift action of the fire department, which arrived promptly at the scene to douse the flames. However, despite their efforts, the car was reduced to ashes. Fortunately, there were no casualties, as the vehicle’s owner managed to escape in time.

This alarming event has prompted a call to action for stricter safety inspections and accountability from car manufacturers and service centres, ensuring such potentially life-threatening incidents are averted in the future. Toyota has yet to respond to the incident.

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