Home Business New Mini Cooper S In Classic Trim Unveiled; Check What’s New | Auto News

New Mini Cooper S In Classic Trim Unveiled; Check What’s New | Auto News

New Mini Cooper S In Classic Trim Unveiled; Check What’s New | Auto News


Mini has recently unveiled its latest offering, the new Mini Cooper S. This model is featuring a powerful twin-turbo petrol engine and several enhancements for an exhilarating driving experience. Well known for its classic design, let’s see what Mini has offered this time: 

Mini Cooper S Design 

The new Mini Cooper S retains its iconic design with short overhangs and a compact bonnet, reflecting the go-kart-like agility that has made it a favourite worldwide. The colour options and contrasting roof finishes add a sporty flair to its appearance.


The Interior of the Mini Cooper S, features a blend of black-blue surfaces, Vescin seats available in grey or black, and blue accent stitching that exudes sophistication. The patterned fabric inserts and attention to detail elevate the interior aesthetics, creating a stylish and comfortable cabin environment.

Safety features

In terms of safety and convenience features, the new Mini Cooper S is equipped with Active Cruise Control, Parking Assistant as a standard feature, voice assistant functionality, and more. These additions enhance both the driving experience and overall comfort for occupants.


Under the hood, the Mini Cooper S packs a punch with its 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine featuring twin turbochargers. This powertrain generates an impressive 201bhp and 300Nm of torque, enabling the Cooper S to accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in just 6.6 seconds. The suspension and braking systems are finely tuned to handle the car’s power and weight, ensuring a thrilling yet controlled ride.

Mini Cooper S Classic Trim 

You can choose from four different trims for the Mini Cooper S, each offering unique styling elements and customization options. The Classic Trim, for instance, provides additional body colours and contrasting roof finishes, allowing buyers to personalize their Mini according to their preferences. The Classic Trim comes with the Ocean Wave Green color option that accentuates the vehicle’s minimalist design. Contrasting roof and mirror caps in white further enhance its visual appeal. The interior of the Classic Trim features black-blue surfaces, Vescin seats, blue accent stitching, and patterned fabric inserts, creating a distinctive and refined ambience.


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