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TEL AVIV: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Israel will resume its campaign in Gaza with full force once a temporary truce comes to an end. Netanyahu met with security forces inside the Gaza Strip on Sunday. Netanyahu spoke with soldiers and commanders and received a security briefing, according to the statement from his office. “Nothing will stop us, and we are convinced that we have the strength, the power, the will and the determination to achieve all the goals of the war, and that is what we will do,” he said.

However, Netanyahu also said he would welcome extending the truce if it facilitated the release of 10 additional hostages every day, as agreed under the original Qatari-brokered deal.

Biden’s Call For Two-State Solution

US President Joe Biden, commenting on the situation, expressed hope for the continuation of the truce as long as prisoners were being released. Biden also advocated for a “two-state solution,” emphasizing its necessity for the long-term security of both Israelis and Palestinians. Speaking after the release of 17 hostages, including a four-year-old American girl, he shared the harrowing story of Abigail Edan, who had been held by Hamas since witnessing her parents’ death during a raid on October 7.

“We will keep working until every hostage is returned to their loved ones,” Biden declared, emphasizing the relentless efforts to secure the release of all Americans in captivity. He reiterated the US commitment to press for additional releases and maintained that the goal was to extend the pause in fighting to facilitate more humanitarian relief.

Biden asserted that a “two-state solution” is the only path to ensure the long-term security, freedom, and dignity of both Israelis and Palestinians. He made it clear that the aim was to maintain the pause in fighting, allowing for the safe release of hostages and the delivery of vital humanitarian aid. Rejecting a return to the status quo before October 7, Biden emphasized the need to plan for what comes next after the crisis.



What’s The Two-State Solution?

What is a two-state solution? The proposed framework calls for establishing an independent state for Palestinians alongside Israel, a concept supported by the US for decades. However, challenges such as failed peace dialogues, logistical issues, Israeli settlements, and ongoing conflicts have hindered its realization. Despite dwindling support, it remains a central theme in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Four-Day Truce: A Fragile Respite

The ongoing four-day truce marks the first cessation of hostilities in the seven weeks since Hamas launched a surprise assault on Israel, resulting in casualties and hostages. Israel, in response, has vowed to eliminate Hamas militants, intensifying attacks and initiating a ground offensive. The toll on Gaza has been substantial, with thousands killed and hundreds of thousands displaced, underscoring the complexity and gravity of the situation.


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