Oil tanker struck by projectile off coast of Oman



A commercial oil tanker suffered minor damage after it was hit by a projectile 150 miles off the coast of Oman on Tuesday night, its operating company said Wednesday.

The incident caused minor damage to the hull of the Pacific Zircon tanker, but there were no reports of injuries or oil leaks, Eastern Pacific Shipping said in a statement.

“We are in communication with the vessel and there is no reports of injuries or pollution. All crew are safe and accounted for,” the company said. “There is some minor damage to the vessel’s hull but no spillage of cargo or water ingress.”

The US Navy said it was “aware of an incident” having taken place in the area on Tuesday night, Commander Timothy Hawkins, a spokesperson for the Navy’s Middle East-based 5th Fleet, told CNN.

Marine Traffic showed the last known position for the tanker off the coast of Oman near Liwa on Monday.

This is a developing story, more to follow…