pure storage: Pure Storage opens research and development center in Bangalore


IT company Pure Storage has opened its new Research and Development (R&D) Center in Bangalore. The new center, as per the company, is a key component of Pure Storage’s global innovation engine and a commitment to the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative.
The center will focus on innovations that aim to transform storage and data management. “These are areas in which India can play a global role. The acceleration of digital transformation around the world is fueling the growth of data, specifically unstructured data such as video, picture and audio files. This is creating demand for professionals who are experts in solutions that store, manage, protect and analyze such data,” said the company in a statement.
A new study conducted by Pure Storage with market research by Zinnov, indicated that there are over 7,00,000 professionals in India with the relevant data management skills. This is around 14% of the total technology workforce in the country and is poised to grow further. India makes up more than 10% of the worldwide talent pool of data management professionals and more than a quarter of Asia Pacific. More than three-quarters of the existing Indian talent will reach an advanced level in their experience in 5 years, which puts India in a good place as a source for data management skills.
Pure Storage has a robust portfolio of data management solutions which include FlashArray, FlashBlade, FlashStack, AIRI, Pure as-a-Service, Portworx, Pure1, Evergreen, Pure Cloud Block Store and Purity.


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