Separated elephant calf nursed by residential school kids, villagers in Karnataka


Separated elephant calf nursed by residential school kids villagers in Karnataka
The photos and videos of an elephant calf, which got separated from its mother, playing and enjoying with children of a residential school in the Puranipodi village of Chamarajanagar district have gone viral on social media.

The male calf, which was separated from an elephant herd in the Biligirirangana Hill forest region, was seen near the premises of the school. The calf, which looked tired and hungry, was reared by the children and staff of the residential school.

The elephant calf was taken care of by the school children
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The children fed the calf bananas and milk. After recovering from the weakness, the calf started playing with the children without any hesitation or inhibition. The children and residents of the surrounding areas gathered to see the calf and play with it.

The villagers had informed the forest department about the calf. The staff of Yelandur forest zone patrolled the surrounding forest region to find out whether the mother elephant was searching for the calf. They had spotted the mother elephant, which was wailing in pain in the forests and searching for the calf.
The staff transported the calf to Erannakatte Podu forest and allowed it to return to its mother. The wildlife activists and animal lovers have appreciated the efforts of the forest officials and the spirit of villagers and children to nurse the calf.