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New Delhi: In a groundbreaking and historic accomplishment, Pearl Kapur, a 27-year-old visionary and the founder and CEO of the Web3 startup Zyber 365, has achieved the prestigious title of India’s youngest billionaire, amassing an impressive net worth of $1.1 billion. Kapur, a distinguished alumna of Queen Mary University of London with an MSC in Investment Banking (CFA Pathway), is a trailblazer whose entrepreneurial journey began in May 2023. Notably, she has become the majority shareholder with a commanding 90% stake in Zyber 365 Technologies Ltd (UK).

The Sram & Mram Group, recognizing the immense potential of Zyber 365, has invested 8.3%, contributing $100 million in Series A funding. This strategic investment has propelled the startup to a valuation of $1.2 billion (approximately Rs 9840 crore). Kapur’s commitment to her venture is evident in her rapid ascent to unicorn status within just three months, making Zyber 365 the fastest unicorn in both India and Asia. The startup currently holds the 109th position in India’s unicorn landscape.

Founded by Indian-origin entrepreneurs Pearl Kapur (Founder & CEO) and Sunny Vaghela (Co-founder & CPO), Zyber 365 is gaining renown for its innovative EVM Compatible Web3 Layer 1 Proof of Authority (PoA) sustainable chain. Kapur’s dedication to environmental stability and alignment with United Nations SDG Goals is well-recognized, while Vaghela is celebrated as one of India’s top ethical hackers. The core team also includes Soneshwar Singh as CTO and Samiraj Singh as CFO.

Zyber 365, a prominent Indian Blockchain Technology and Cybersecure AI Ecosystem Firm, has its headquarters in the UK but is determined to make India the central hub of its operations. The company’s EVM Compatible Smart Contract Platform, a Layer 1 Chain built on the Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism, prioritizes sustainability, security, and energy efficiency, aligning with Humanity & United Nations SDG Goals. 

The firm is gearing up to launch its native token to bolster its ecosystem, unveiling the EVM Compatible Layer 1 (PoA) sustainable chain solution with the Mainnet set to go live by the end of May 2024. Additionally, Zyber 365’s ambitious plans include the introduction of a non-custodial DeFi wallet and AI Cashless Stores at Pumps.

Prior to founding Zyber 365, Kapur honed her financial expertise as a Financial Advisor at AMPM Store and refined her entrepreneurial skills as a Business Advisor at Antier Solutions. Her vision for Zyber 365 extends beyond mere empowerment, aiming to spearhead Globalization 3.0 and redefine the landscape of technological advancement.

Zooming out to a broader context, the recent investments by SRAM & MRAM Group underscore a dynamic landscape of strategic partnerships for Zyber 365. These investments include a US$3.64 billion semiconductor fabrication plant in India and a US$100 million injection into SpiceXpress’s air cargo business, showcasing the group’s commitment to cutting-edge ventures and further solidifying Zyber 365’s position in the evolving global market.

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