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This Company Is Offering Upto Rs 83 Crore Salary To Poach Top Talents From These 2 Big Tech Firms | Companies News


New Delhi: In a bid to strengthen its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, OpenAI is going all-in to attract top talent from tech giants like Meta and Google, offering staggering salaries of up to Rs 83 crore per annum. The aim is to entice the best minds in the industry, particularly researchers and tech experts, to contribute to the development of OpenAI’s advanced AI chatbot.

Reports indicate that OpenAI has successfully recruited at least 93 individuals who were previously employed by Google and Meta. The company, in its pursuit of top-tier talent, has posted job listings for research engineers with an annual salary range of Rs 2 crore to Rs 3.8 crore. (Also Read: Festive Treat From Infosys! Employees To Receive 80% Average Variable Pay In November)

Additionally, attractive equity packages and benefits contribute to an overall compensation of Rs 83 crore per year. (Also Read: A Look Inside Delhi’s Jaw-Dropping Mansions Owned By Biz Tycoons – In Pics)

Jan Leike, OpenAI’s Head of Super Alignment, shared in a podcast that the company is actively hiring research engineers, scientists, and managers. He emphasized the importance of finding passionate candidates committed to making AI safer.

During a visit to India earlier this year, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, expressed eagerness to welcome talented IT professionals from the country.

Altman highlighted that a Ph.D. is not a prerequisite, stating, “Many of our best researchers are undergraduates or are college dropouts. You certainly do not need a Ph.D. to do great work. OpenAI will welcome you on the basis of talent, and we are certainly a good fit for undergrads.”

Atty Eleti, a software engineer at OpenAI, provided insight into the hiring process, stating that interested individuals can reach out directly by sending an email to the CEO.

Eleti encouraged showcasing skills through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), building remarkable products, contributing to open-source resources, and reaching out to to explore job opportunities.

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