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TikTok trend sparks emotional search for long-lost siblings | Trending News


A TikTok trend that originated from a food influencer’s homemade pesto recipe has taken an emotional twist. A video by @susividal a.k.a Susi Vidal led to an outpouring of personal stories, with one user using the platform to make a heartfelt plea for help in finding his long-lost half-siblings.

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Ed Choi or @etchaskej, a content creator and podcast host, used the trend to share his poignant story. In a November 10 video, Choi revealed his quest to reconnect with his older sister, Seo Hee, and potentially other half-siblings.

Ed Choi’s plea for assistance quickly gained traction. Within a day, he announced he had obtained his sister’s phone number and was in the process of reaching out. Despite acknowledging the potential reluctance of his half-siblings to connect, Ed remained determined to forge a connection.

In a subsequent update on Monday, Ed wrote that he had messaged his older sister, carefully crafting a text to avoid undue pressure. The unconventional use of TikTok for family reunification echoed another success story from 2022, where a user named Fuka utilised the platform to track down her biological father after two decades, leading to a highly anticipated reunion.

Instagram users began to share their thoughts. One wrote, “wow… sounds like a perfect storyline for kdrama… hope he finds his siblings…” A second one commented, “That’s kinda wholesome. It’s nice to see that when we are actually human, we can make such an impact,”. A third user wrote, “What an inspiring story”.

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