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A healthy hormone balance is extremely important for the proper functioning of the body. Hormonal imbalance can lead to various health problems. “New Year resolutions don’t have to involve grand, unsustainable changes. Instead, consider gently incorporating these small habits into your existing routines. Watch as they gradually contribute to improving your mood, reducing stress, optimising digestion, supporting hormone balance, and enhancing your overall well-being,” wrote Nutritionist Marina Wright as she noted down a few tiny habits that can transform our hormone health for better.

Tiny habits that will transform your hormone health(Unsplash)
Tiny habits that will transform your hormone health(Unsplash)

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Expose eyes to sunlight: When we expose our eyes and body to sunlight, it helps in regulating the sleep-wake cycle and regulate hormone production of the body.

High-protein breakfast: Consuming a high-protein breakfast every day helps in normalising the blood sugar levels, improving insulin sensitivity, and reducing cravings.

Have coffee after breakfast: one of the mistakes we make in the morning is having coffee before breakfast. When we have it after breakfast, it helps in controlling Cortisol levels and blood sugar spikes.

Dry brush before shower: This helps in stimulating the lymphatic system, promoting circulation and boosting detoxification of the body.

Add minerals to water: Adding minerals drops or a pinch of sea salt to water helps in maintaining electrolyte balance and regulating hormone production.

Taking a walk after meals: Taking a short ten-minute walk after meals helps in boosting digestion and reducing the risk of bloating and post-meal fatigue.

Consuming fermented foods: Fermented foods such as yoghurt or sauerkraut helps in enhancing microbiome in the gut, thereby promoting hormonal balance.

Increase magnesium intake: Magnesium helps in hormone regulation. Increasing the intake of Magnesium in the daily diet is very healthy.

Block blue light at night: Blue light can disturb the body’s biological clock and increase levels of Cortisol in the body. It is advised to keep the overhead lights dim in the evening and opt for amber lights.

Limit phone notifications: Reducing the constant digital engagement helps in lowering stress levels and managing the hormonal balance.

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