To Gain Power, Bangladeshi Opposition Party Takes Cue From Maldives’ ‘India Out’ Campaign; PM Sheikh Hasina Hits Back | World News


In the Indian subcontinent, it appears that portraying New Delhi as a villain has become a trend to gain power. In Maldives, the current President Mohamed Muizzu gained power by running an ‘India Out’ campaign. In Pakistan, the political parties often rake up India and Kashmir issues to gain votes. Now, the Bangladeshi opposition party is looking to play the same card to gain voters’ trust. Recently, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina retained power in Bangladesh by defeating the main opposition party Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). Sitting out of power since 2009, the BNP has failed to make its space among the people of the country. Now, it’s looking to fuel enmity in the hearts of the Bangladeshi people against India to win the polls.

Why ‘India Out’ Campaign By BNP?

The BNP seems to have drawn inspiration from the tactics of the ruling party in the Maldives, which initiated the “India-Out” campaign during the previous Presidential elections. It is alleged that the “India Out” campaign of Maldives President Md Muizzu received support from China. BNP’s social media activists, many of whom are based in Western capitals, are endeavouring to construct a narrative suggesting that the legitimacy of the January parliamentary elections was solely due to India’s influence. 

The objective is to sow discord and discredit the Hasina government. According to one of the experts mentioned, this campaign is spearheaded by Tareque Rehman, who resides in London and is the son of former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia. BNP had previously boycotted the last parliamentary elections that resulted in Hasina being elected for a fourth consecutive term. This campaign aims to undermine the Bangladeshi economy and consequently weaken the Hasina government, reminiscent of the artificial crisis created in the early 1970s to destabilize the government of Sheikh Mujib at the time.

What Sheikh Hasina Said

Slamming the BNP for ‘India Out’ campaign, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has responded firmly to a faction of opposition leaders. Prime Minister Hasina criticized the BNP opposition for launching the ‘India Out’ campaign, stating that opposition leaders should first dispose of the Indian sarees present in their own homes. She pointed out that a significant portion of the household items used by the people of Bangladesh are sourced from India. It’s worth noting that Sheikh Hasina has referred to India as Bangladesh’s closest ally on numerous occasions. Hasina said that even most kitchen items in Bangladesh are bought from India.


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