Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder will be subpoenaed by House panel over alleged cover-up of misconduct allegations


The House oversight committee will issue a subpoena to compel Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Washington Commanders American football team, to appear and give evidence at a hearing as part of the committee’s long-running investigation into sexual harassment allegations against him.

On 1 June, the panel invited him to voluntarily appear at a hearing alongside National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell to give evidence regarding the workplace climate at the Washington NFL franchise. Mr Snyder declined the invitation, citing travel commitments and concerns over not being told of the questions he would be asked in advance.

The committee renewed its’ invitation for him to testify in a letter sent to him on 17 June, but Mr Snyder again refused to appear voluntarily.

Oversight committee chair Representative Carolyn Maloney announced her intent to compel Mr Snyder’s testimony at a Wednesday hearing featuring Mr Goodell.

During that hearing, the committee unveiled a memorandum detailing evidence investigators have discovered which showed how Mr Snyder and the NFL colluded to undermine an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against him and into an alleged hostile workplace environment at Commanders headquarters.

“Mr Snyder’s refusal to testify sends a clear signal that he is more concerned about protecting himself than coming clean to the American public. If the NFL is unwilling to hold Mr. Snyder accountable, then I am prepared to do so,” Ms Maloney said.

“The Committee will not be deterred in its investigation to uncover the truth of workplace misconduct at the Washington Commanders.”

In a statement to NBC News, a spokesperson for Mr Snyder attacked the panel for releasing the report before Wednesday’s hearing.

“The committee’s decision to release a ‘report’ and introduce legislation prior to the hearing is proof-positive this was always going to be little more than a politically-charged show trial, not about uncovering the truth,” they said.


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