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WATCH: Meet The Delhi Cab Driver Who Offers FREE WiFi, Snacks, Drinks And More During Rides | Companies News


New Delhi: In the hustle and bustle of city life, a cab ride is often seen as a means to reach a destination. However, Abdul Qadeer, a cab driver based in Delhi, has transformed the typical cab experience into a delightful journey for his passengers.

Qadeer goes the extra mile by providing an array of complimentary features, including free drinks, snacks, shoe polish, general medicines, and even free WiFi. (Also Read: Festive Treat From Infosys! Employees To Receive 80% Average Variable Pay In November)

Recently, an Instagram user shared a video showcasing Qadeer’s well-stocked cab, praising the driver for his exceptional service. The video quickly garnered over 4.6 lakh likes, highlighting the public’s appreciation for this unique cab experience. (Also Read: This Company Is Offering Upto Rs 83 Crore Salary To Poach Top Talents From These 2 Big Tech Firms)

The Instagram user who shared the clip expressed their surprise and admiration, stating, “So I booked a cab in Noida and I was literally impressed to find such a stocked-up cab. Seriously kudos to the driver; he has kept almost every needful stuff in the cab that one can need while traveling, including hair bands, toffees, water, frooti, napkins, umbrella. New Experience it was.”

Other users chimed in with their positive experiences, with one mentioning the presence of free food and a donation box in the cab. Another user shared, “Bro even got a shoe polish also wifi WITH A PASSWORD.”

In a previous interview with the Economic Times in September, Abdul Qadeer emphasized that his motivation goes beyond financial gain. He stated, “The joy I see on the face of passengers when they enter my taxi takes me far beyond counting the money I earn on a daily basis.” Qadeer invests approximately Rs 3,000 each month to restock the items in his cab, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride for his passengers.

This isn’t the only extraordinary cab to gain attention in the Delhi-NCR region. Earlier in May 2022, Reuters featured a video of Mahendra Kumar, an auto-rickshaw driver who cultivated a small garden on the roof of his auto to reduce the temperature inside.

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