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For most of the Indians buying an apartment in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai –world’s tallest building –is a dream come moment. But Indian businessman George V Nereamparambil not only bought apartments in the Burj Khalifa but also became the largest property owner in the iconic building. 

Today’s incredible rags-to-riches story is that of Indian entrepreneur Nereaparambil, who worked his way up from being a mechanic to becoming the largest property owner in Burj Khalifa and owning a whopping 22 luxury apartments.

Owning 22 luxury apartments in the Burj Khalifa was because of a challenge by George’s relative who once jokingly told him that he could never enter the Burj Khalifa. This challenge inspired George, and the rest is history for this Indian millionaire businessman. 

Early Life And Struggle Of George V Nereamparambil 

George V Nereamparambil was born in Kerala into a middle income family. George had to start working at the age of eleven due to financial hardships that characterized his early years. He used to help his father with cash crop trade and transportation. He started a side business making gum from leftover cotton seeds while assisting his father. He began to make a good living from his waste-selling business with which he continued to provide for his family for several years.

Turning Point In George V Nereamparambil’s  Life

George was in for a treat from Destiny. After moving to Sharjah in 1976, amidst the booming Middle Eastern economy, he realized the enormous potential in the air conditioning sector to combat the intense desert heat. George started his company, which eventually expanded to become the GEO Group of Companies, helping him establish himself as a well-known Indian businessman in the Gulf.

Relative’s Insult Was A Catalyst For George V Nereamparambil To Buy Apartments In Burj Khalifa


Being an optimist, George saw an opportunity when his relative made fun of him. Once his relative told him that he would never be able to enter the Burj Khalifa. This challenge inspired George to pursue a major goal in life. He once came upon a newspaper ad regarding a rental apartment in the building. He rented the apartment in 2010 and moved into it. Over the years, he bought several apartments in the world’s tallest building. Eventually, with 22 of the 900 luxury apartments in the Burj Khalifa under his ownership, he emerged as the building’s largest property owner.  

Sky Is The Limit For George V Nereamparambil 


With a net worth of Rs 4800 crores, George is among the wealthiest entrepreneurs to own properties in the Burj Khalifa. George lives a lavish life in his opulent apartment in the world’s tallest building. His apartments are lavishly decorated, with gold coverings for the floors, ceilings, and walls. 

Sky is the limit for George who envisions expanding his impressive portfolio of opulent apartments. He claims that he will keep buying more if he finds a good deal and that he will not stop at any age. He is a dreamer and his dreams will never end.

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