Woman earns thousands a month selling toenails, pants, and even spit


‘I basically make money from anything that is attached to my body’ (Picture: Mercury Press)

Why chuck something away when you could sell it for a profit?

Rebekka Blue, 28, from North Carolina, US, has taken that idea a step further, charges strangers anything between $100 (£80) to $355 (£290) for her dirty rubbish, including pants, toenails, and spit.

She can earn up to $10,000 (£8,335) a month a month from her habit.

Rebekka said: ‘I don’t throw away dirty things anymore – if I’m in the mood for a new wardrobe, I can sell my dirty clothes to get new items.

‘I offer a selling a service that brings pleasure and makes the buyers feel good in a safe environment.

‘It is classed as sex industry – you are selling pleasure.’

When Rebekka says she sells everything, she really means it.

She even sold her contraceptive coil, which was removed after three years, and her burps in a plastic bag.

The price ranges from $50 (£40) to $250 (£200) but she often maximises her revenue by creating explicit content to sell along with the item in question.

She said: ‘The top three requested items are socks, panties and tights.

‘I usually sell them after wearing them for $50 (£40). I charge more for the unique and weird requests such as tongue scrapings, bath water and cotton buds with ear wax on.

‘Financial security is the biggest blessing, but it doesn’t come easy’ (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

‘I basically make money from anything that is attached to my body.

‘However, I do also sell trash for $100 (£80) and some guys like to eat it, and they will pay for my groceries too.

‘I have also chewed food and spat it out for $100 (£80). It all adds up.’

This additional income has given Rebekka the means to set up other ventures, like a dog rescue foundation.

She said: ‘I am a minimalist.

‘I have realised materialistic things don’t matter. Financial security is the biggest blessing, but it doesn’t come easy.

Genuinely tempting (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

‘My day consists of communicating with customers and creating a safe environment for them to feel comfortable.

‘There are always late nights, but it is always exciting and fun.

‘However sometimes it can be a strain on your mental health as it’s like being a therapist.

‘I am selling an experience beyond clothing and other items.

‘Communication is so important, but it does take a lot of energy and effort to make the kind of income I do.’

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