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Xiaomi has finally entered the electric car market with the launch of its highly anticipated SU7 sedan. This debut marks Xiaomi’s foray into the automotive industry, combining cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly design. Read here to know all about this electric Sedan.

Xiaomi SU7 Features

The SU7 is equipped with advanced autonomous driving features, including Adaptive BEV Technology, Road-Mapping Foundational Model, and Super-Res Occupancy Network Technology. Powered by two NVIDIA Orin high-performance chips, the vehicle integrates LiDAR, eleven high-definition cameras, three millimetre-wave radars, and twelve ultrasonic radars for enhanced safety and convenience.

The SU7 is a full-size sedan measuring 5 meters in length, 2 meters in width, with a wheelbase of 3 meters. It aims to blend elegance and functionality, offering a spacious and stylish interior.

Xiaomi  SU7 Specifications

Equipped with a 220kW rear-wheel drive motor, the SU7 boasts impressive performance capabilities. The E-motor HyperEngine V8s sets a global record with a maximum motor speed of 27,200 rpm, delivering 425kW of output and a peak torque of 635Nm. This power enables the car to accelerate from 0-100kmph in just 5.3 seconds.

Speed and Range

The SU7 offers acceleration from 0-100kmph in just 2.78 seconds and reaches a top speed of 265 kilometres per hour. In terms of range, the SU7 delivers between 700 to 900 kilometres on a single charge, depending on the model. The SU7 Pro extends this range to 830 kilometres, while the SU7 Max offers nearly 900 kilometres of range.

Interior and Connectivity

Inside, the SU7 boasts a futuristic cockpit with multiple screens and high-tech features. Running on Xiaomi’s Hyper OS, the car seamlessly connects with other Xiaomi devices such as phones and tablets. The interior includes a 16.1-inch 3K central console, a 7.1-inch rotating dashboard, and a 56-inch heads-up display (HUD). Passengers can also mount tablets on the back seats for added convenience.

Price Range

Xiaomi has priced the SU7 competitively, with the standard version starting at 215,900 yuan (approximately Rs 24 lakh) in China. The Pro and Max versions are priced at 245,900 and 299,900 yuan, respectively, offering customers a range of options to suit their preferences and budget.

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