Xiaomi’s SU7 E-Sedan Witnesses High Demand, Delivery Delayed Upto 7 Months | Auto News


Xiaomi, the Chinese electronics maker, has launched its latest offering in the electric vehicle (EV) segment with the SU7 electric sedan. Notably, it is the first EV by Xiaomi. The company is now advising potential buyers that they could face a waiting period of up to 7 months due to the overwhelming demand. This surge in interest is evident from the fact that pre-orders for the SU7 surpassed 88,898 within the first 24 hours of availability.

 Delivery Timelines

The SU7 electric sedan, priced starting at $29,870, has captured the attention of consumers seeking eco-friendly mobility solutions. Xiaomi’s app indicates that delivery timelines for the standard SU7 model and the SU7 Pro model are estimated at 18-21 weeks, while the top-tier model, priced at 299,900 yuan, commands a waiting period of 27-30 weeks. This extended waiting time underscores the popularity of Xiaomi’s new electric offering.

High Demand

To further drive sales, Xiaomi introduced special editions of the SU7 known as the “Founder’s Edition,” which offer complimentary gifts such as refrigerators. The initial batch of 5,000 Founder’s Edition cars sold out rapidly upon their availability for pre-order. According to a Weibo post, Xiaomi’s co-founder and CEO Lei Jun has announced a second round of sales for the Founder’s Edition in response to the high demand. 

During the ordering process, Xiaomi took measures to prevent abnormal orders and curb scalping activities, demonstrating its dedication to ensuring a fair and transparent purchasing experience for customers. 

Xiaomi established a Beijing factory capable of producing 200,000 cars annually, even before obtaining regulatory approval to commence manufacturing in China. Collaborating with state-owned automaker BAIC Group, the company disclosed plans for BAIC Group to manufacture its cars at the Xiaomi plant.

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