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In a surprising turn of events, images of the highly anticipated Porsche Macan EV have leaked just hours before its scheduled official debut. Porsche enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the electric SUV since 2019, and the latest leak provides a sneak peek into what the automaker has in store.

Porsche Macan EV Details

Initially slated for a launch last year, the Porsche Macan EV faced delays attributed to software issues. Despite the setback, Porsche has persisted in building anticipation for the electric SUV, which will join the Taycan as the second all-electric vehicle in the brand’s lineup.

The Macan EV is built on the new Premium Platform Electric (PPE), a platform co-developed with Audi. This platform will not only underpin the Macan EV but also the upcoming Audi Q6 e-tron. Porsche has consistently teased the electric SUV, sharing design sketches earlier in the week that hinted at a “quintessentially Porsche” look with modern elements.

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Porsche Macan EV Speculations

Leaked images, posted on Twitter by user Mike Juergens, showcase the Porsche Macan EV and Macan Turbo EV in all their glory. According to leaked images,  the electric SUV maintains the classic Macan look, emphasizing the automaker’s commitment to a seamless integration of electric and gas-powered models.

Porsche is making bold promises with the Macan EV, describing it as the “sportiest in its segment.” The electric SUV is said to boast over 600 horsepower, delivering race track dynamics along with off-road capabilities. The Macan EV is expected to feature a substantial 100 kWh battery, providing an impressive WLTP range of over 310 miles (500 km).

While the leaked images offer a tantalizing glimpse, Porsche will officially release the Macan EV today, January 25, 2025. The unveiling promises to provide more details on the electric SUV’s features, performance, and specifications. Porsche enthusiasts and electric vehicle enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting the final details, anticipating a groundbreaking addition to Porsche’s electric vehicle lineup.

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