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New Year brings a lot of hope and promises for a better tomorrow. This is the time of the year when we plan out how we are going to be for the entire year ahead. We let go of the negative emotions of the past year and embrace the new year with our arms wide open. Resolutions are made during this time and put into effect. We set certain goals that we would like to achieve in this new year and work on them. Setting healthy intentions for the relationships and the friendships we have are equally important. “What are the things that you encounter every day that could make your world brighter, lighter, more exciting if the specifics were tweaked a little? That’s how I tend to approach changes,” wrote Therapist Sula Windgassen.

5 meaningful new year intentions to explore(Unsplash)
5 meaningful new year intentions to explore(Unsplash)

Here are five meaningful intentions that we can start practicing:

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Conversation: instead of keeping expectations from conversations, we should listen to explore, discover and understand. Sometimes the magic lies in exploring new things about another person when we are intentionally listening to them. We must listen to understand and not just react and respond.

Conflict: often we shy away from putting our needs and preferences forward in a relationship thinking that they may be too much for the other person. However, clarity improves connections. We need to start having difficult conversations and address the issues.

Curiosity: Being curious about the people surrounding us, the situations we are in and the experiences we feel strongly about helps us to become more self-aware. This further makes us stay away from making unhealthy assumptions.

Compassion: One of the most important intentions we need to imbibe is to be more empathetic and compassionate to people around us. Being kind and humble helps us to navigate through life better.

Discover the default patterns: We need to introspect and understand the patterns we have – we need to segregate if the patterns are healthy or unhealthy for us. Then, we should decide the changes that we should make in our lifestyle.

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