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A passenger was arrested in Mexico after he opened the emergency door of an Aeromexico plane and walked onto the wing. This incident occurred on a Guatemala City-bound flight that had been delayed for hours on the tarmac at Mexico International Airport, with no air conditioning or water provided to the passengers.

The airport confirmed that the situation was handled without any harm, and the passenger was turned over to the police. In a surprising twist, fellow passengers expressed their support for the man’s actions.

They released a joint statement explaining that they backed his decision, believing it was a necessary measure for everyone’s safety due to the dangerous conditions on board caused by the delay and lack of air.

The incident took place last Thursday at around 11:30 AM, a significant delay from the flight’s original schedule. According to an incident report, the delay was due to a maintenance issue, which ultimately led to the need for a plane change after the passenger’s unexpected move.

As of now, it’s unclear whether the man is still in custody or what charges he may face. However, his fellow passengers viewed his actions in a positive light.

They collectively stated in a handwritten note, shared on social media, that the man’s decision to open the emergency window was to protect everyone on board. The note emphatically claimed, “He saved our lives,” and was signed by several passengers

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