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Panja Vaisshnav Tej, younger brother of actor Sai Dharam Tej and the latest entrant in the long list of actors from Megastar Chiranjeevi’s family, made a thundering debut with Uppena in 2021. He tried to stand out within his family and other present crop of actors by choosing a low-key, literary adaptation Konda Polam next, followed by the family drama Ranga Ranga Vaibhavamgaa. With both these attempts not registering a blip on the commercial radar, Vaisshnav Tej chose Aadikeshava, a mass, commercial actioner directed by debutant Srikanth N Reddy. Giving Vaisshnav company is the in-demand actor Sreeleela.

Aadikeshava is the story of the happy-go-lucky youngster Balu ( Vaisshnav Tej), a man of few ideals and lots of mischief. He is forced by his parents, played by JP and Radhika, to take up a job at a cosmetic company, led by Chitra (Sreeleela). Soon, romance develops between them. It turns out that Balu is not the son of his parents. The truth comes out when Seema leader Rudra Kaleshwar’s (Suman) brother Tanikella comes home to take Balu to Seema. There he learns about Chenga Reddy (Joju George in his Telugu debut). What is Balu’s relation with this cruel Seema warlord, and what is his real identity form the rest of the story.

The entertainment portions in the first half, though not very original, feel alright, particularly the scenes between Sreeleela and Vaisshnav. The comedy with Sudershan also works in parts. As the story mostly focuses on the massy presentation of the hero, the emotional content is limited. The second half is all about action sequences, which might feel excessive and illogical.

The technical standard of the film is high. Dudley and Prasad Murella’s camerawork showcases rich visuals. GV Prakash Kumar’s tunes deliver. The background score feels excessive. Navin Nooli’s editing fits the template of the movie.

Except as a new face on the Telugu screen, Joju George’s casting doesn’t add any interesting dimension to the story.

Festive offer

The subject and the writing in the film by debutant Srikanth N Reddy have nothing original to offer and feel bland. There is no need to hurry to the theatres to catch this film as it might reach OTT soon. Panja Vaisshnav Tej may have succeeded in showing that he can handle commercial fares, but this attempt as a whole might be forgotten soon.

Aadikeshava is the umpteenth iteration of a typical commercial cinema that hardly impresses.

Aadikeshava movie cast: Panja Vaisshnav Tej, Sreeleela, Joju George, Radhika, Suman, JP
Aadikeshava movie director: Srikanth N Reddy
Aadikeshava movie rating: 1.5 stars


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