After Hyderabad Police Denies Waiver On Traffic Challans, Telangana Govt Issues GO | Auto News


Telangana citizens now have the opportunity to pay their pending challans at only the fractional value of the fine. The new Congress government has announced a waiver on the pending traffic challans for the state road users. Hyderabad Traffic Police received multiple tweets until today morning as the violators were not able to get access to declared discounts. The traffic police took it to platform X and revealed that it had not received any official confirmation from the government yet. Soon after, the government issued a go for the announced waiver on old challans.

The government has offered a 90 per cent discount in respect of push carts. The owners will have to pay only 10 per cent of the challan amount while the remaining 90 per cent will be waived off. The same discount is offered for RTC drivers.

For two-wheelers and three-wheelers, 80 per cent of the challan amount is waived off. The discount in case of cars and other light motor vehicles and trucks and other heavy motor vehicles is 60 per cent.

The Congress, in its election manifesto, had promised to offer a discount on traffic challans to provide relief to vehicle owners.

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People have been advised to visit the Telangana traffic e-challan website, check pending challan against their vehicles and pay the discounted amount online. It is estimated that about two crore traffic challans are pending across the state.

Till March 31, 2022, a total of 2.4 crore challans were pending.

Last year, the then BRS government offered a discount to enable vehicle owners to clear their challans. For two-wheelers, a 75 per cent discount was offered while for the rest of the categories, a 50 per cent challan amount was waived off. The traffic police had earned Rs 300 crore during the 45-day period. About 65 per cent of the challans were cleared.


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