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New Delhi: In today’s tech-savvy world, the use of smartphones has become so ingrained in daily life that even toddlers are joining the trend. It’s not uncommon to witness the youngest members of our communities interacting with these devices, whether through playful imitation or genuine attempts to understand this prevalent technology.

The chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra frequently promotes the use of technology. However, he consistently advises against developing an addiction to mobile phones. Recently a video was shared by him showing  a toddler amusingly mistaking a dish for a phone. The individuals in the video burst into laughter in response to the toddler’s behavior. “Oh no, no, no….It’s true. Our species has irreversibly mutated..It’s now PHONE, and only AFTER that Roti, Kapda aur Makaan…!”Mahindra wrote after sharing the video.

This post received more than 11,000 likes. In response an Instagram user commented, “Not good. Recent research has confirmed that our attention span has reduced to just 8 seconds. In the company of machines we too are becoming mechanical and insensitive.If we don’t use technology to our advantage it will use to its advantage and that’s what is happening nowadays. Smartphone cos and internet service are thriving. (Also Read: Amazon Withdraws ‘Shri Ram Mandir Ayodhya Prasad’ Sweets Following CCPA Investigation)

Another comment suggests that changing priorities, with phones sometimes prioritized over essential needs like food, clothing, and shelter, reflect shifts in societal dynamics. It points out the ongoing influence of technology, reshaping traditional values and necessities in our lives.

Some people pointed out that the child might be imitating the adults around him. One Instagram user noted, “Children of this age hardly put the phone over their ear, mostly they watch the screen. This kid put it over their ear; means the kid was not used to playing with the phone but was used to watching adults talk over the phone. Hence, this is not a case of ‘phone addiction’ but of ‘imitation’.” In essence, the user suggests that the child’s behavior is more about mimicking adults rather than displaying phone addiction.

One of the commenters argues that while smartphone addiction is a concern, the specific video doesn’t exemplify it. They believe the child’s actions are innocent, as the child is imitating adults talking on cell phones, assuming the object is a phone. The person highlights that children often play with toy phones, considering it a normal and non-problematic behavior. They also draw a comparison to the past when people used to playfully imitate talking on older landline phones.

In November 2022, Mahindra posted a cartoon depicting senior citizens in a nursing home holding their hands as if they were holding imaginary phones. Alongside the cartoon, Mahindra commented, “That’s a seriously depressing cartoon. But it’s made me decide to put down the phone (after tweeting this!) and ensure that my Sunday is spent with my neck straight and my head up.” The cartoon credited to Bizarro Comics and created in 2012, aimed to illustrate the consequences of constantly looking at one’s phone, potentially leading to physical deformities.

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