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Ananya Panday on facing body-shaming and negativity on social media: ‘I have grown quite ruthless’

Ananya Panday, who recently starred alongside Ayushmann Khurrana in the blockbuster film Dream Girl 2, spoke about being insecure about her body and the constant pressure that social media creates for everyone.

In an interview with Elle, Ananya shared her insecurities about her body, acknowledging that high school was a challenging period for her as she was bullied during that time. She said, “High school is a difficult time for everyone. Everyone has their own set of insecurities, and it never really gets better. I still feel insecure about my body, and it’s always different—sometimes, it is sparked by a comment somebody made about your body and other times, it’s just how you feel about yourself on a particular day.”

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Addressing the negative impact of social media, she said, “There is a constant overload of information on social media, and you don’t know how much of it will impact you negatively. It slowly creeps up on you, and that negativity starts building up. Which is why I’ve started muting and unfollowing pages that make me feel anxious, sad or unhappy in any way—I have grown quite ruthless.”

In her earlier interview with The Times Of India, Ananya disclosed her past experiences with bullying in school, recounting instances where she felt uncomfortable due to her physique. She said, “In my school, we wore uniforms and couldn’t apply nail polish or kajal. I had so many problems like body issues, stress and exams. I am really skinny even though I eat like a beast. Everyone wants to have a curvy body and look a certain way, but I think now I am comfortable in my skin.”

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She added, “In school, I would always be uncomfortable because my skirt would expose my thin, chicken legs and wiry hands. I would get called a hunchback as I am tall and would always bend down to hear people. This is the reason trolls don’t affect me, as I have been bullied in school.”

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