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Ather Energy has recently introduced its latest offering, the Ather Rizta. This new electric scooter is positioned as a family-friendly option, boasting increased storage capacity and a wider seat for enhanced comfort during rides.

The Ather Rizta comes with a price tag ranging from Rs 1.10 lakh to Rs 1.45 lakh. However, some early reviews have pointed out quality concerns, particularly in areas like the finishing around the screen, switchgear, and buttons on the handlebar. Users have noted that compared to Ather’s previous models like the Ather 450, the quality seems to have been compromised in certain aspects. 


The Ather Rizta shares its platform and design elements with the company’s 450 range scooters. It features a mid-drive motor, although its power output is slightly lower than the 450 range. Notably, the ‘Wrap’ ride mode, available in other Ather models, is not present in the Rizta.

Battery Options and Range

One of the highlights of the Ather Rizta is its battery options. It is available with two battery variants: a 2.9kWh option and a 3.7kWh option. These batteries offer a certified range of 123 km and 160 km, respectively, making it suitable for both short commutes and longer rides.


In terms of competition, the Ather Rizta faces rivals like the Bajaj Chetak Premium and TVS iQube. Both competitors offer similar battery capacities, with the Bajaj Chetak Premium featuring a 2.88 kWh battery and the TVS iQube equipped with a 3.04 kWh battery. The Ather Rizta stands out with its telescopic suspension at the front and monoshock suspension at the rear, providing a comfortable riding experience.


The Ather Rizta excels in storage capacity, offering 34 litres of under-seat storage along with a 22-litre frunk. Additionally, the scooter is designed to withstand water up to 400mm, adding to its versatility and usability in various conditions.

While the Ather Rizta brings several improvements and features to the table, including a spacious design and respectable range, early feedback suggests room for improvement in terms of overall quality. As the electric scooter market continues to evolve, competition remains fierce, driving manufacturers like Ather to continuously innovate and address consumer feedback.

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