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Bajaj Auto is gearing up to introduce its very first CNG-powered motorcycle. Despite much anticipation and speculation, the bike has remained largely shrouded in secrecy until now. Recent spy shots have surfaced, offering a tantalizing glimpse of this two-wheeler

Underseat CNG Cylinder Placement

The most striking feature revealed in the latest images is the unique placement of the CNG cylinder. Positioned horizontally beneath the elongated and flat seat, Bajaj has ingeniously integrated the cylinder into the bike’s structure. This innovative design not only maximizes space efficiency but also ensures a sleek and streamlined appearance.

 Additionally, to address concerns regarding range and convenience, the bike is rumored to feature a small petrol tank for emergency situations.

Switchgear and Instrumentation

Equipped with a distinctive blue switch on the left-hand side of the handlebars, the bike is speculated to offer seamless transition between CNG and petrol modes. This user-friendly feature ensures adaptability to varying fuel availability and preferences. Moreover, a digital instrument console, likely to be LCD, is anticipated to provide riders with comprehensive real-time data and fuel management capabilities.


The spy shots also reveal a host of features aimed at optimizing rider comfort and performance. With a braced handlebar incorporating knuckle guards, mid-set footpegs, and a heel-and-toe gear shifter, the bike promises an ergonomically sound and engaging riding experience. Furthermore, the inclusion of telescopic forks and a rear monoshock ensures superior handling and stability, even on challenging terrains.

In terms of safety, the bike is expected to be equipped with a disc brake at the front and a drum brake at the rear, providing reliable stopping power when needed. Additional safety features include a leg guard at the front and a saree guard at the rear, ensuring protection for both rider and pillion. Furthermore, an upswept exhaust adds a touch of sportiness while complementing the bike’s overall dynamic design.

While excitement mounts over the prospect of Bajaj’s groundbreaking CNG bike, the company has yet to announce an official launch date or provide further details. However, based on speculation and industry insights, the estimated price of the new model is anticipated to be around Rs 80,000 (ex-showroom). As with any pre-production model, it’s essential to note that changes may occur before the final product reaches the market.

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