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New Delhi: All public and private banks will remain closed today on March 25 (Monday) on the occasion of Holi festival.This closure marks an extended weekend for banks, as services have been suspended since March 23 for the fourth Saturday and on March 24 for Sunday. It’s important to note that while Holi is being celebrated on March 25 in most states, holiday dates may vary according to local customs and among different states.

In March 2024, public banks have a combined total of 14 designated non-working days. These include public holidays, state-specific holidays, the second and fourth Saturdays mandated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), and all Sundays. (Also Read: McDonald’s Outlets In Sri Lanka Closed Amid Legal Dispute Over Poor Hygiene)

Here is the complete list of other bank holidays in March 2024:

March 1: Chapchar Kut- Mizoram (Also Read: Stock Market Holiday: NSE, BSE To Remain Closed Today For Holi)

March 8: Mahashivratri- except Tripura, Mizoram, Tamil Nadu, Sikkim, Assam, Manipur, Itanagar, Rajasthan, Nagaland, West Bengal, New Delhi, Goa, Bihar, Meghalaya)

March 22: Bihar Diwas- Bihar

March 25: Holi- except Karnataka, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Manipur, Kerala, Nagaland, Bihar, Srinagar)

March 26: Yaosang second day/Holi- Odisha, Manipur, Bihar

March 27: Holi- Bihar

March 29: Good Friday- except Tripura, Assam, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh 

Can customers utilize online banking facilities and ATMs?

Customers have the option to utilize online banking services and ATMs, regardless of whether it’s a national or state holiday. They can access their banks’ websites, mobile applications, or ATMs for urgent transactions. However, if customers require assistance from bank staff, it’s essential for them to be aware of the bank holiday schedule and take note of specific dates to plan their visits accordingly. 

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