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New Delhi: During a press conference held on March 16, 2024, in New Delhi, the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of India Rajiv Kumar announced steps to ensure fair elections for the upcoming general elections of 2024. Addressing the media, Kumar highlighted the importance of curbing the influence of money power.

He also shed light on ensuring transparency throughout the electoral process. (Also Read: Upcoming IPOs Next Week: Check Price Band, Lot Size, Minimum Investment Amount, And More)

Monitoring Suspicious Transactions Report

Kumar emphasized that banks would be closely monitoring all suspicious transactions on a daily basis throughout the entire election phase. (Also Read: Latest SBI FD Rates 2024: Check Current Fixed Deposit Interest Rates, Return Calculator)

“Banks will share all the details of suspicious transactions daily. We will be looking at all wallet transactions,” said Kumar, outlining the measures to track any irregular financial activities.

Tailored Solutions

Going forward, Kumar acknowledged the varying challenges faced by different states and stressed the need for tailored solutions.

“We are aware of different vulnerabilities that exist across the nation. Thus, we come with solutions that are also differential,” he further said.

Empowered agencies such as the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), GST, and banks will play a crucial role in tracking suspicious transactions, he added.

Crackdown On Unfair Practices

To prevent unfair practices during elections, enforcement agencies will be vigilant in curbing the inflow and distribution of liquor, cash, freebies, and drugs.

Kumar emphasized the importance of targeting the masterminds behind such activities. “Efforts will be made to disrupt the illicit distribution of sensitive goods and freebies,” he stated.

Strict Regulations On Cash Movement

Stringent regulations will be enforced to control the movement of cash, including prohibiting the movement of cash in bank vehicles after sunset.

Surveillance and inspection of non-scheduled chartered flights will also be conducted to identify any illicit flow of cash, liquor, or drugs.

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