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As Bengaluru gears up for the Samvidhana Jagruthi Jatha on Sunday, February 25, 2024, the Bengaluru Traffic Police (BTP) have issued a crucial traffic advisory to mitigate potential congestion. With the city’s reputation as India’s ‘corporate capital’ and its notorious traffic woes, staying informed about such advisories becomes imperative for residents and visitors alike.

Bengaluru Traffic Advisory

The advisory primarily focuses on regulating traffic flow around the venue of the Samvidhana Jagruthi Jatha, namely the Palace Grounds area. This strategic move aims to prevent gridlocks and ensure smooth movement for attendees and regular commuters alike. Special attention is directed towards Ballari Road and its adjacent areas, given their proximity to the event venue.

Routes to Avoid

To alleviate congestion and streamline traffic, specific routes have been designated for the exclusive use of Jatha attendees, while others are to be avoided by general commuters. Here are the key points outlined in the advisory:

1. Ballari Road Restrictions: Except for visitors heading to the Samvidhana Jagruthi Jatha, commuters are advised to refrain from using Ballari Road between Hebbal and Mehkri Circle.

2. Restrictions on Jayamahal Road: Commuters are prohibited from accessing Jayamahal Road from Mehkri Circle to Cantonment Road, unless they are attendees of the event.

3. Yeshwantpur-Mehkri Road Access: Travellers are advised against using the Yeshwantpur-Mehkri Road, except for those attending the Jatha.

4. Parking Prohibitions: Parking restrictions are in place on Jayamahal, Nandidurga, Taralabalu, and Ballari Roads. Additionally, parking is prohibited from Mehkri Circle to Yeshwantpur Road.

5. Heavy Vehicle Prohibition: Heavy vehicles are strictly prohibited at various junctions including Hebbal, CMTI, Govardhan Theatre, and NICE Road junctions.

With the implementation of these restrictions and advisories, commuters are urged to plan their routes well in advance to avoid inconvenience. Whether it’s adjusting travel times or exploring alternative routes, proactive measures can help in navigating Bengaluru’s bustling streets seamlessly.

As Bengaluru prepares for the Samvidhana Jagruthi Jatha, cooperation from residents and commuters is essential to ensure the smooth flow of traffic. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in the traffic advisory, individuals can contribute to a hassle-free experience for all stakeholders involved in the event while minimizing disruptions to daily routines.

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