BTS V and UMI’s Wherever u r sweep global iTunes chart; ‘Birthday gift by Army’


BTS’ V’s latest sonic collaboration with American singer UMI has ignited a global firestorm, effortlessly conquering iTunes charts across continents. The song Wherever u r, dropped on V’s 28th birthday on December 30th, 2023, is a heartfelt melody blending soulful vibes with sparkling pop elements. The song effortlessly has transcended borders and breached language barriers, uniting listeners all over the globe and now is sitting on the top of the global iTunes chart.

BTS' V and UMI collaborative video(UMI official YouTube)
BTS’ V and UMI collaborative video(UMI official YouTube)

BTS’s V and UMI’s wherever u r rules iTunes charts across

Released on December 30 at 2 PM KST, 12 AM EST, and 10:30 AM IST, BTS’ V and UMI’s wherever u r achieved remarkable success within its first 24 hours. The single reached the top spot on the iTunes Top Songs charts in at least 89 countries, sweeping major markets like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, highlighting its widespread appeal and immediate impact. This also marks UMI’s first time on the top of iTunes.

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Fans are pouring reactions on social media. An internet user wrote ‘WHEREVER U R’ REACHED #1 ON US iTUNES OMG!!! , others said, “This is his birthday gift from us”, “Since we cannot be there and u can’t be here, here is the birthday gift taehyungiee”, “Even on the days, I ain’t right by your side I’m keeping my promise that I will be wherever you are.” “hey taehyung-ah, happy birthday.”

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More about the song wherever u r

Following the song’s release, the American singer took to her social media to share her insights about collaborating with Taehyung and also provided an explanation of the song’s meaning. She said “It’s a song that a loved one sends to everyone in various times and places. It serves as a reminder that love is a frequency that can be felt regardless of distance,”

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