BTS V soothing vocals for emotional duet Wherever U R with UMI touches hearts


BTS’ V and UMI have teamed up for a beautiful song called Wherever U R, and it’s already melting hearts worldwide. V’s smooth voice weaves like magic around UMI’s soulful singing, creating a melody that’s both tender and powerful. The lyrical video for the romantic emotional duet dropped on Kim Taehyung’s 28th birthday. Wherever U R serves as the ideal soundtrack to lift your spirits and escape the winter blues.

BTS V and UMI(X (Twitter))
BTS V and UMI(X (Twitter))

All seven members of the South Korean boy band are currently fulfilling their military service. Before temporarily bidding farewell, they ensured to leave behind a substantial body of work to keep their fandom entertained during their absence. On December 26, BIGHIT MUSIC provided an update on V’s upcoming project. The music video for this project was initially revealed at a station head party on Spotify and Apple Music, subsequently making its debut on YouTube.

Check out the video right here.

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